The concussions began in high school

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The Room by John M. Brewer

Paperback, 128 pages
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Why would the young players on a perennial champion football team rebel against their famous coach?

Pittsburgh’s Westinghouse High School Bulldogs were legendary.  So was Coach Cesare, whose players’ astonishing record made him a guru to other coaches on how to turn young bodies to iron.  Then there were the actual players, John Brewer among them, some highly talented, some simply courageous, all sworn to silence about the physical and mental price they paid for the team to win at any cost.  And there were the ex-players, most of them, standing on street corners, faking old hand-offs with a bottle of wine.

What was really going on inside the Bulldogs’ private team room?  How many scars and concussions on the field would it take for someone to step up and speak the truth?

This is the hard but triumphant story of a proud African-American family and the bond between father and son.