Picture-book science–of sorts


Nutty to Meet You! Dr. Peanut Book #1

Ages 3 and up

by Alan Venable, pictures by Natalie Lewellyn
Hardback with jacket, 32 full-color pages
ISBN 978-0-9777082-0-8

“Peanuts don’t talk…or do they? A charming story of friendship from the perspective of one Dr. Peanut [who] encounters giants (human children) who…may turn him into a quick snack. But he is delightfully surprised…. Cute drawings.” — Reviewer’s Choice, Children’s Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review


“Delightfully nonsensical, this tale of [a] peanut doctor…will suit every child and adult who appreciates the absurd.  …[M]uch of the charm of the book is the advice he gives to his young friends [,boy and girl, who] are wise enough to question some of his conclusions.  What civilized conversations they have! The illustrations admirably capture the spirit.” — Small Press Review


“Plain pea-nutty fun.” — Old Schoolhouse Magazine


In a Nutshell

As the peanutrician of the Talking Peanut kids, Dr. Peanut leads a pleasant life until he ventures out into a peanut-eating world. Out there, he needs to travel in disguise. Costumed as an ant one afternoon, he barely escapes a squirrel and is scooped up by two hungry giant kids. Laughing at the learned doctor’s ingenious arguments for why they shouldn’t eat him, the amused children tell him not to worry, “We don’t eat anything that talks!”

Thoughtfully silly, this nut of a tale reassures us that doctors are friendly to little peanuts. It also reminds us it’s good to speak up.  Full of word play and dubious thinking that very young listeners/readers will enjoy.   This book makes a great primer for the six-story collection Don’t Eat Dr. Peanut, which children will enjoy reading together or to themselves in their early elementary years.