Move on from Nutty to Meet You to rollicking early-grade reading

The challenge: can an early elementary child read, wonder, and laugh at the same time!?

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Alan Venable

Ages 4 and up

76 pages, 48 black-and-white illustrations

ISBN 978-0-9777082-9-1


Don’t Eat Doctor Peanut begins with the tale told in the picture book Nutty to Meet You!, this time in chapter format, with fresh illustrations, slightly more advanced language for bedtime or early elementary reading.  From there it just gets nuttier!  The book is filled with delightful wordplay and glimpses of real natural science and other more outlandish suppositions that young readers and listeners will enjoy unraveling.


1. Meet Doctor Peanut — In which Dr. Peanut learns how to communicate with giants, and the giants learn a bit of “Pinglish.”

2. Slimy — In which the doctor acquires a  snail for a pet and decides after scientific research and some surprising communication that neighborliness might be a better way to go.

3. Too Many Squirrels — A spine-tingling thriller of what can happen when a peanut takes a walk in the park!

4. Where Peanuts Come From — We mean the talking kind, and the surprising natural history of the real kind, too.

5. The C-in-P Machine — Peanutty high-tech unravels the mystery of why some peanuts are taller than others, yet all are nutty as they are.

6. Ask Before You Bite — The peanut world goes into an uproar when a young talking peanut is bitten by a giant. Naturally, the science-minded doctor wants to prevent such disasters in the future.